Chem-Trend’s Impactful Presence at the Indian Plastic Institute’s Flexible Packaging Seminar

A nationwide seminar on “Advancements and Innovations in Flexible Packaging” was organized by the Indian Plastic Institute and held on July 14. One of the distinguished speakers was Mr Trilochan Pradhan from Chem-Trend, whose incisive talk turned out to be the event’s high point. The seminar offered a forum for attendees to share expertise, debate cutting-edge innovations that are influencing the future of flexible packaging, and exchange experiences.

The seminar was a fascinating event that explored the numerous factors influencing development in this fast-paced sector. The delegates investigated the most recent materials, methods, and production procedures that are assisting in the development of more eco-friendly packaging options, with a focus on sustainable solutions. The conference demonstrated how the industry is moving forward towards a greener and more responsible future, from biodegradable films to recyclable polymers. As a Chem-Trend representative, Mr Trilochan Pradhan provided a lot of knowledge to the conference. In his lecture on improving flexible packaging efficiency, he gave insightful tips on streamlining manufacturing procedures and cutting down on material waste.

The Indian Plastic Institute’s seminar on “Advancements and Innovations in Flexible Packaging” was a tremendous success. The guests were left with lingering impressions after Mr Trilochan Pradhan’s presentation from Chem-Trend, which emphasized the value of industry player cooperation and the part that cutting-edge technology plays in promoting efficiency and sustainability. Participants shared their excitement for continuing to push the limits of flexible packaging and help create a future that is more ecologically aware as the event drew to a conclusion.

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