Mold Release Agent For Plastics

The thermoplastics field demands accuracy, effectiveness, and reliability. Chem-Trend supports clients in various thermoplastics processes, such as injection molding, rotational, and extrusion molding, and develops purging compounds and mold release agents for plastic to aid the global thermoplastics industry.

Our close collaboration with the industry and our customers has led us to create cutting-edge solutions that can overcome the challenges in thermoplastics processing. Our portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of products that deliver enhanced quality and productivity while upholding our commitment to environmental preservation, contributing to the overall growth and profitability of our clients.

The Lusin® mold release agent for plastic and Ultra Purge™ plastic purging compounds provide dependable and efficient solutions for thermoplastic molding.

High-Value Plastic Purging Compound

As colors and materials change during the production process, a natural build-up of residue occurs. For manufacturers who use traditional methods for cleaning their thermoplastic molding equipment, this often results in frustrating production issues. These issues impact various applications like injection molding, extrusion, blown film, and extrusion blow molding. The end results show themselves as streaks, spots, and discoloration on the finished parts, causing an unsettling production process. Consequently, this could lead to increased scrap rates, more downtime, and a decline in the overall quality of the final products – all of which should be diligently avoided.

To avoid these mishaps, we have created effective release agents and purging compounds for plastic. We prioritize delivering:

Improved Product Quality
Improved Product Quality
Reduced Downtime
Reduced Downtime
Reduced Scrap Rate
Reduced Scrap Rate



The benefits of transitioning to a high-performance purging compound are evident. Chem-Trend’s advanced plastic purging compounds undergo rigorous testing and have the support of global R&D resources. This guarantees a constant level of high performance and quality.

20x More Efficient
20x More Efficient
than traditional solutions in color and material changeovers


Cost Efficiency

Cost-effectiveness is a crucial factor in your operation. The amount of material and time needed to clear the machine from color and polymer deterioration is decreased by using a high-quality purge compound for plastic. The results of this will be increased production reliability and financial gain in the long term.

Ease of Transitioning

Advanced purging compounds play a crucial role in achieving smooth transitions between incompatible polymers and those with significantly different processing temperatures. Furthermore, they provide an effective solution to contamination concerns when switching to clear or transparent polymers and changing colors, making them an essential component for hot runner molds and injection molding applications.

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Mold Maintenance Products

Chem-Trend has created an extensive range of Lusin® brand mold maintenance products specially designed for the thermoplastics industry. These products have been developed over nearly 70 years of Lusin® heritage, during which the company collaborated closely with thermoplastics processors. By understanding their unique difficulties and requirements, Chem-Trend has formulated these products to effectively tackle the challenges faced on the shop floor.

Our mold maintenance product range includes:

  • Cleaners (including Degreasers)
  • Lubricants
  • Protective Agents (including Rust Preventatives)

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Plastic Mold Release Agents

In thermoplastics processing, it is crucial to optimize cycle time, ensure consistent surface finish, and reduce post-mold operations before painting or gluing. Chem-Trend, drawing on nearly six decades of expertise in producing top-notch mold release agents for plastics, employ experience, foresight, and hands-on approach to help you achieve success in your production.

Our Lusin® Mold Release products continue to set the standard for excellence in the field, making them the preferred choice for achieving optimal results and ensuring success in mold release applications.

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To learn more about how we have develop advanced products to address the specific challenges found in the thermoplastics manufacturing process, contact us today.

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