Composite Mold Release

Release agents and process chemical specialties can do more than help make for a smooth manufacturing process. They are capable of elevating the entire composites industry. From the highly complex to the everyday, we provide customers with custom solutions that provide consistency, dependability, and value, from aerospace applications to automotive, construction, marine, recreational/sporting goods, wind energy, and more. And we do so in a safe, sustainable fashion.
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Semi-Permanent Release Systems

The success of the manufacturing process depends on every aspect of the process. We ensure that nothing is left to chance. Our semi permanent release solutions come in liquid type and are intended to cross-connect with humidity and chemically connect to the mold.

This produces an inert, prolonged polymeric layer that acts as resistance to wear, thermal, and chemical attack. Due to the semi-permanent ability to cross-link, it often enables molders to complete many molding cycles prior to the release agent having to be reapplied, which it does with just a little amount of transfer occurring to the molded object.

Composite mold releases that are semi-permanent have a wide range of applications and can provide adequate ease for almost any DIY resin mold release that is applied in the process of composite manufacturing. Semi-permanent technology is not limited to just a release agent. It involves various components working together in a system to achieve the best performance.

These components generally consist of a mix of the following parts:

  • Cleaner
  • Primer
  • Sealer
  • Release agent

To keep complex activities operating properly, we also provide Zyvax® Semi-Permanent Systems for the aerospace industry.

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Conventional Release Systems

The Conventional mold release technique, also known as “sacrificial,” is employed when the release process requires more lubrication & when this parameter has a higher weightage than other release-related factors. Due to this lubrication, during the demolding process, a significant portion of the mold release coating is removed along with the component. As a result, the composite mold release agent is routinely reapplied after each molding cycle to guarantee the same level of performance. It is reasonable to anticipate that these products will move to the molded component, given that they have been created on purpose to be movable.

Chem-Trend offers standard products that can have either a glossy or matte finish and can be used for purposes unrelated to cosmetics. These products are available in water-based or solvent-based formulations.

Currently, conventional mold release agent compositions are only used in a small number of applications and are more often the exception than the rule. Nevertheless, the outcome is equally significant. Because of this, we provide a wide variety of goods and approach our research and testing of them according to each circumstance.

Composite mold materials for the aerospace sector have unique requirements that must be met, and the Zyvax® Release Agents were designed to fulfill those objectives. It is possible to locate a release agent that is optimized for your procedure by selecting from among the many options that are accessible.

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Internal mold Releases

Chem-Trend excels in environments that call for innovative ways of thinking and problem-solving. Internal mold release typically consists of a mixture of additives, either in liquid or solid form, which are premixed with the resin before the molding process.

During the curing process, the internal mold release will become unmixable in the resin, and then it will phase separately and bloom to the surface. This results in the formation of an outer layer at the junction between the curing compound and the mold substrate.

We have developed specialized internal mold release agents for the composite molding industry, which serve two crucial purposes:

  • To Increase the effectiveness of the outer release agents by ensuring that the surface of the mold remains clean and unobstructed by accumulation for a long period. This not only saves you time and effort but also ensures that your items retain their quality.
  • To provide lubrication to the resin internally. This potentially adds an altering component in the production process, along with the possible uses for the product that is created as a result of the production process.

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Mold cleaners such as Zyvax® and Chemlease® are formulated to eliminate wax, oils, and greases and other types of pollutants from composite molds. They are excellent for cleaning molded components before secondary operations like bonding and painting. Additionally, they are perfect for preparing composite mold surfaces, allowing for the smooth application of release agents and mold sealers.

Zyvax® mold cleaners stand out as the optimal choice for maintaining molds and tooling at their peak working condition. Their remarkable formulation enables composites molding facilities to enhance operational efficiency and consistently produce high-quality parts. These cleaners play a crucial role in safeguarding your valuable assets, ensuring longevity and durability in the aerospace industry, where demanding requirements are the norm.

Thorough cleaning is a fundamental step in the mold preparation process, as it directly influences the proper bonding of the semi-permanent release system. At Chem-Trend, we prioritize the needs of our customers and emphasize the significance of cleaning as much as release for achieving continuous exceptional results. By doing so, we contribute to reducing waste and providing a level of predictable consistency that is unmatched in the industry.

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Primers and Sealers

Primers are used to achieve a smooth and consistent surface and enhance the performance of your composite molds and tooling. These essential products work in tandem to reduce surface roughness, creating a uniform surface profile and a robust chemical barrier on plugs, masters, prototype, and production-grade composite molds. With the added benefit of imparting gloss and ensuring vacuum integrity, our mold primers provide the ideal bonding surface for semi-permanent sealers and release agents.

Our sealers safeguard your molds and tools by sealing microbodies and treating the raw bonding sites found on various mold substrates. Whether you work with Class A tooling gel coats, fiberglass, carbon fiber composites, or metals, our sealers are formulated to deliver reliable performance and enhance the overall effectiveness of your molding processes.

We take pride in developing top-quality mold sealers that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Using primers and sealers may not be obligatory, but they serve as an opportunity to enhance surface quality, improve bonding capabilities, and extend the lifespan of your molds.

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