Tire Mold Release Agent

Chem-Trend stands as the foremost provider of tire mold release agents and other compounds in India. Notably, our products have played an integral role in crafting half of the tires currently rolling on roads worldwide. What sets us apart is our exceptional grasp of the industry’s demanding and precise standards, as well as our unwavering dedication to meeting your industry’s needs.

Leveraging our extensive research and development capabilities, we collaborate with clients to foster ongoing innovation, enhancing the end product and streamlining processes for greater efficiency, sustainability, and reliability.

Our seasoned industry experts form the backbone of our team. Our dedicated global sales teams, strategically placed, collaborate closely with clients to deliver tailor-made, comprehensive solutions that offer a competitive edge.

Chem-Trend stands out for offering the most comprehensive selection of release agents for the curing and vulcanization process.

Our tire industry specialists bring together several centuries of combined expertise, dedicated to assisting individuals like you in enhancing production efficiency, reducing waste, and elevating part quality. Take the first step and request your free consultation today.


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Chem-Trend® Products

Enhance the quality of your tire production by reducing curing-related defects, enhancing the final tire’s appearance, prolonging the lifespan of vital manufacturing components like curing bladders, and cutting costs through the use of Chem-Trend® tire paints, mold coatings, bladder coatings, and retreading products.

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Inside Tire Paints

Within the intricate tire production process, the utilization of Chem-Trend’s interior tire coatings is indispensable, as they provide the necessary slip to facilitate the tire’s easy removal from the bladder. This, in turn, has a profound impact on the tire’s appearance and overall performance.

Chem-Trend supplies the following four categories of inside paints:

  • Filled inside tire paints
  • Specialty filled inside tire paints
  • Unfilled inside tire paints
  • Durable inside tire paints

Chem-Trend’s line of interior tire coatings is entirely water-based, underlining their focus on addressing health, safety, and environmental (HSE) matters with their solutions.

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Filled Inside Tire Paints

Chem-Trend’s state-of-the-art filled inside tire coatings are meticulously formulated to provide the highest levels of slip and effective air removal during the shaping process, ultimately guaranteeing the manufacture of tire products without any flaws.

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Specialty Filled Inside Tire Paints

Chem-Trend’s progressive collection of water-based filled inside tire paints is the outcome of a distinctive raw material blend. In contrast to conventional filled interior paints, this water-based approach empowers users to utilize thinner coatings, leading to an enhanced appearance of the finished tire and a constructive impact on sustainability endeavors.

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Unfilled Inside Tire Paints

Chem-Trend has played a pioneering role in developing unfilled interior tire paints. These products are applied to the interior of each tire before the curing process, providing essential slip properties necessary for ensuring tire uniformity and an attractive appearance.

As they do not contain any fillers, they deliver the highest level of tire aesthetics, leaving both the inner and outer tire surfaces looking spotless. Even if there is accidental material transfer to the bead face or outer sidewall, whether due to overspray or handling by operators of freshly treated uncured tires, it will not result in visible markings on the tire.

This results in an impeccably clean inner liner for finished tires displayed in tire retail outlets, a significant advantage in numerous markets.

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Durable Inside Tire Paints

Specially formulated durable interior tire coatings are designed with the purpose of transferring onto the curing bladders’ surface. This transfer creates a reservoir of slip-and-release capabilities, enabling the release of multiple untreated tires during subsequent applications.

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Outside Tire Paints

Before the vulcanization stage, outside tire paints are utilized to coat the exterior of each tire, promoting better air release and facilitating rubber flow.

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Tire Mold Coatings

Tire mold coatings are used to coat the surface of tire molds, serving to minimize mold fouling, enhance rubber flow, assist in the tire’s release from the mold post-curing, and elevate the appearance of the finished tire.

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Tire Curing Bladder Coatings

The tire curing bladder treatments provided by Chem-Trend are formulated to provide protection for the curing bladder’s working surface, preventing chemical and abrasion-related wear during its service life. This protective measure, particularly focused on the bladder’s contact area with the tire’s bead regions, greatly prolongs its operational lifespan.

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Mold Release Agents for Tire Retreading Applications

We have created tire release agents to enhance process efficiency since we are aware of the special procedures employed in the tire retreading business, especially when it comes to treating curing envelopes and molding precured treads.

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Molding Pre-cured Tread Strips with Mold Coatings

To lessen the frequency with which mold requires treatment every shift, Chem-Trend has created specific water-based, semi-permanent mold treatments.

Curing Envelope Coating

With the express purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the tire retreading process, Chem-Trend has created a very novel room-temperature curing envelope treatment.

To learn more about how we have developed advanced products to address the specific challenges found in the tire industry, contact us today.

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