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Die Casting Release Agent And Lubricants

With a legacy rooted in die casting, we understand the evolving demands of the industry. As the demands of the industry continue to grow more complex, and efficiency becomes increasingly critical, we stand committed to collaborating closely with our valued customers, tirelessly exploring avenues for advancement.

Collaborating with our customers, we aid in unlocking potential. We meet rigorous objectives with solutions that maximize efficiency since each process is distinct and the variety of raw materials used is wide-ranging. Chemical specialities and die-casting release agents must be meticulously formulated to excel even in the most challenging conditions and materials. Our unique, robust, and expert-prepared solutions were created to act as die-casting mold-release lubricants and plunger lubricants that go above and beyond expectations.

Our well-known dilution solutions are top-of-the-line and are designed to provide outstanding value and ease-of-use. Our cutting-edge portfolio is built on a broad range of polymer systems that were created and synthesized to provide outstanding performance in the die casting process. As a result of reduced levels of porosity, these polymers enable die casters to experience better quality rates and less downtime.

We also take pleasure in offering solutions that increase effectiveness. Our groundbreaking micro-spray technology called High Efficiency Release Agent (HERA™) is transforming the way release agents are used. By enabling customers to apply a notably smaller amount of agent, it drives optimal efficiency with minimal product usage.

Chem-Trend offers a wide range of performance solutions, including water-based mold release agents, to meet the demanding needs of die casters and achieve improved outcomes and processes.

Our team of specialists have helped individuals increase production effectiveness, component quality, and scrap rates for more than a hundred years in total.

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Die Casting Mold Release Lubricant

Our die-casting mold release lubricant is designed to improve your operations and increase efficiency. Tailored formulations of these lubricants can deliver remarkable release capability and safeguard both dies and molten metal. Through optimized wetting, they facilitate seamless metal flow, swift cooling of die surfaces, and meticulous maintenance of die temperatures within a narrow spectrum. This collective impact enables quicker cycle durations and prolonged die operational life.

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Plunger Lubricants

Plunger lubricants serve the crucial function of mitigating wear and tear on both the plunger tip and sleeve. As a result, the overall lifespan of these crucial components witnesses a substantial increase, subsequently cutting down on the frequency of replacement-related downtimes.

In parallel, these lubricants play a pivotal role in establishing an airtight seal around the tip, effectively countering issues stemming from intensification pressure. This pressure irregularity is primarily triggered by the escape of molten metal around the plunger tip, leading to mechanical glitches and accelerated deterioration.

Chem-Trend offers several solutions meant to protect the components and aid in the manufacturing of high-end castings while reducing the harmful effects on the environment.

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Ancillary products

The process of die casting involves intricate and costly machinery, along with multiple procedural stages. As each of these elements can influence both the excellence of the manufactured components and the overall efficiency of your facility, Chem-Trend has formulated a comprehensive array of solutions tailored to address your unique requirements. These consist of:

  • Anti-Solder Paste
  • Hot Spot Greases
  • Pin Lubricants
  • Quench Compounds
  • Trim Press Lubricants
  • Corrosion Preventers
  • Ladle Coats
  • Assembly Lubricants
  • Cleaning Compounds
  • Toggle Lubricants

We’re always working to develop innovative products and state-of-the-art methods that can help you maximize your production potential.

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To learn more about how we have developed advanced products to address the specific challenges found in die casting operations, contact us today.

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