Exploring Release Agents for Composite Applications: Chem-Trend’s Webinar Highlights

A special webinar on “Release Agents for Composites Applications: Best Practices and Newer Technologies” was presented by Chem-Trend India and the FRP Institute. Mr Kunjal Amin, Regional Industry Development Manager-Composites at Chem-Trend India, graced the webinar with his honorable presence.

The webinar gathered together industry professionals, specialists, and enthusiasts to learn more about the function of release agents in composite applications and cutting-edge technology advancing the sector.

Participants in the webinar explored release agents for applications using composites in great detail. Mr Kunjal Amin explained the relevance of release agents in allowing the effective manufacture of composite materials thanks to his broad knowledge in the sector.

The appropriate selection and use of release agents to improve mold release efficiency, reduce errors, and optimize overall manufacturing processes were among the important themes presented during the seminar.

The webinar also included information on the most recent technological advancements in the release agent sector. Participants looked at the newest technologies’ impact on waste reduction, cost-effectiveness, and safety in composite applications with a focus on innovation.

Participants looking to optimize their composites production processes found the webinar to be a priceless resource. The occasion promoted professional networking, information exchange, and teamwork, reiterating Chem-Trend’s dedication to fostering innovation and excellence in the composites industry.

As participants exited the webinar, they gained useful knowledge and practical ideas to improve their composite manufacturing processes for a more efficient and sustainable future.

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