Plastic Mold Maintenance Products

Chem-Trend has meticulously developed an extensive collection of mold maintenance products for plastic components under the Lusin® brand. This portfolio reflects the result of almost seven decades of Lusin® legacy, involving close collaboration with thermoplastics manufacturers. This collaboration has led to a profound understanding of the challenges they encounter, resulting in the development of effective solutions that address their operational issues.

Our plastic mold maintenance line encompasses:

  • Cleaners (including Degreasers)
  • Lubricants
  • Protective Agents (including Rust Preventatives)

Our Product - Lusin®

The Lusin® lineup of advanced products is specifically engineered to fulfill the requirements of the thermoplastics industry. It aims to enhance both process efficiency and product quality while reducing maintenance, repair, and operational expenses. Lusin® products stand at the forefront of innovations that propel thermoplastics processing technology forward.

Cleaners for Plastic Mold

Lusin® cleaners and degreasers are carefully formulated to effectively eliminate impurities such as waxes, oils, and greases, as well as thermoplastics resins, colors, and miscellaneous additives. These cleaning agents achieve their goal without compromising the integrity of molds or surfaces.

Lubricants for Plastic Mold

Developed with precision for the plastic injection molding industry, Lusin® lubricants are engineered to prevent the breakage and seizing of pins and slides, while leaving no stains behind.

Protective Agents for Plastic Mold

Lusin® protective agents are formulated to shield the metal surfaces of molds and tooling in the thermoplastics processing sector from the effects of water, oxygen, and other corrosive agents that frequently lead to rust.

Release Agents for Plastic Mold

Our collection of Lusin® brand mold release agents, available in both silicone and silicone-free formulations for thermoplastics operations, is crafted with the aim of enhancing efficiency, reducing material wastage, and cutting down operational expenditures.

Benefits of Plastic Mold Maintenance Products

1) Reduced Buildup and Refurbishment

Our innovative mold maintenance products, like Lusin®, minimize residue buildup in mold cavities. This reduces labor-intensive refurbishments, extends mold life, lowers downtime, and boosts operational efficiency.

2) Extended Cleaning Cycles

With products like Lusin®, we introduce advanced cleaning technology that extends the time between necessary cleaning routines. Our product ensures that your production remains uninterrupted for longer periods, optimizing your output and productivity.

3) Scrap Rate Reduction

The frequent buildup of polymer residues often leads to flawed parts and elevated scrap rates. By effectively minimizing buildup using solutions like Lusin®, we enhance your produced parts’ quality, leading to higher-quality products, reduced scrap rates, and enhanced overall production efficiency.

4) Enhanced Surface Quality

The appearance and texture of your manufactured parts significantly influence their marketability. Our mold maintenance products play a crucial role in maintaining and even enhancing surface quality. With Lusin®, the removal of uneven textures and imperfections in the mold translates to a refined and more appealing product finish.

5) Cost Savings

At the heart of our mold maintenance products’ benefits lies the substantial cost savings they bring. The combined impact of reduced maintenance hours, lower scrap rates, extended cleaning cycles, and enhanced production efficiency leads to significant overall cost reduction.

Applications Across Industries

Experience the power of our mold maintenance products in a multitude of industries:

1) Blow Molding
2) Blown Film
3) Extrusion
4) Injection Molding
5) Plastic Compounding
6) Rotational Molding
7) Slush Molding – TPO/TPU/PVC

Supported Materials

Our mold maintenance products are designed for a wide range of materials, including but not limited to:

1) CA, CAB, CP
2) CO-Polyamide
3) Conductive Resin (ESD)
4) EVA
6) PA12
7) PA6, PA66, PA10, PA11
9) PEEK, PES, LCP, PPA(Grivory), PEI
11) POM
14) PPS, PSU
15) PS
16) PVC
18) TPE, TPR
19) TPU

Elevate your plastic mold maintenance and revolutionize your production efficiency with Lusin® by Chem-Trend. Our meticulously developed mold maintenance products, including cleaners, lubricants, and protective agents, are precision-engineered to shield your molds, extend cleaning cycles, reduce scrap rates, enhance surface quality, and cut costs significantly.

Choose Lusin® today and unlock the potential for mold maintenance excellence in your operations.

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