Plastic Mold Release Products

Enhancing cycle time efficiency, maintaining surface finish uniformity, and minimizing post-mold tasks before painting or bonding hold significant importance within thermoplastics processing. Chem-Trend comprehends these challenges well. With an extensive background spanning almost six decades in creating and producing top-tier mold release products across diverse industries and applications globally, we employ our expertise, foresight, and hands-on methodology to amplify your achievements. Our Lusin® Mold Release solutions are tried, trusted, and at the forefront of excellence.

Our Product - Lusin®

The Lusin® range of advanced products is purposefully designed to meet the distinct needs of the thermoplastics industry. Its primary objective is to improve the efficiency of processes and the quality of products, all while decreasing the costs associated with maintenance, repairs, and day-to-day operations. Lusin® products are at the forefront of pioneering innovations that drive the progress of thermoplastics processing technology.

Cleaners for Plastic Molds

Lusin® cleaning solutions and degreasers are thoughtfully created to efficiently remove impurities like waxes, oils, and greases, as well as various substances such as thermoplastic resins, colors, and additives. These cleaning agents achieve their intended result without causing any harm to the integrity of molds or surfaces.

Lubricants for Plastic Molds

Developed with meticulous precision for the plastic injection molding sector, Lusin® lubricants are intricately engineered to prevent pins and slides from breaking or seizing, all while leaving no undesirable marks behind.

Protective Agents for Plastic Molds

Lusin® protective agents are specially formulated to provide a shield for the metal surfaces of molds and tooling used in the realm of thermoplastics processing. This protection guards against the corrosive effects of water, oxygen, and other agents that are prone to causing rust.

Release Agents for Plastic Molds

Our selection of Lusin® brand mold release agents, available in both silicone and silicone-free formulations for thermoplastics operations, is created with the primary goal of enhancing efficiency, minimizing material waste, and reducing the overall costs associated with operations.

Benefits of Plastic Mold Release Products

1) Improved Mold Life

Lusin® creates a durable barrier between your mold and thermoplastic materials, effectively reducing wear and tear on molds. This leads to extended mold lifespans, minimizing maintenance costs and ensuring long-term reliability.

2) Seamless Productivity

With Lusin® plastic mold release agent, demolding becomes a smooth and effortless task. This results in accelerated production cycles, allowing you to achieve higher output rates while maintaining consistent part quality.

3) Flawless Finish

Defects like cracks, tears, and blemishes are eliminated with our product. Lusin® guarantees a flawless surface finish, ensuring the impeccable quality of your molded parts and enhancing your brand’s reputation for excellence.

4) Less Waste, More Yield

Lusin®’s superior release properties significantly reduce the risk of part damage during demolding. This translates to lower scrap rates, increased yield, and ultimately, reduced costs for your operations.

5) Effortless Demolding

With Lusin®’s exceptional release performance, demolding becomes a breeze. Your molded parts effortlessly separate from the mold, eliminating the risk of deformation or breakage during the process.

Applications Across Industries

Experience the power of our plastic mold release products in a multitude of industries:

1) Blow Molding
2) Blown Film
3) Extrusion
4) Injection Molding
5) Plastic Compounding
6) Rotational Molding
7) Slush Molding – TPO/TPU/PVC

Supported Materials

Our plastic mold release products are designed for a wide range of materials, including but not limited to:

1) CA, CAB, CP
2) CO-Polyamide
3) Conductive Resin (ESD)
4) EVA
6) PA12
7) PA6, PA66, PA10, PA11
9) PEEK, PES, LCP, PPA(Grivory), PEI
11) POM
14) PPS, PSU
15) PS
16) PVC
18) TPE, TPR
19) TPU

At Chem-Trend, we understand the paramount importance of cycle time efficiency, surface finish uniformity, and minimizing post-mold tasks in thermoplastics processing. Our decades of expertise have led us to create Lusin® Mold Release solutions, meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of the industry.

Contact us today to elevate your thermoplastics processing efficiency, product quality, and overall success. Your journey to excellence starts here.

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